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Lauren Thayer

Hey Mamas! I’m Lauren, and I have lived in the Bay Area for about 6 years now. While my Husband Patrick works for Facebook doing digital marketing, I watch after my 2 kids, Avery (4) and Max (1.5).

My life revolves around three things: God, my family, and diet dr. Pepper- though no amount of these help when I’m stuck in a small apartment with two VERY busy kids.

Since my stay-at-home-mom job can be a little monotonous at times, I try to find ways to spice up the daily routine. Those that know me well can tell you that I absolutely LOVE finding new things to do. It doesn’t matter if I have to drive two hours away for a museum, wait in a ridiculously long line with 2 kids screaming to taste a famous pastry, or sell my kidney in order to pay for these obsessive searches, I remain committed to scouting out hidden gems throughout the city. My husband, who dreams of buying a house in the country far far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, thinks I’m crazy. I can’t help it though! This enthusiasm and drive to discover new things throughout SF has honestly made motherhood much more enjoyable for me, and it recharges my mom batteries. Because of this, running Bay Area Moms has been a huge blessing!

Getting out every day can be expensive, so for the sake of keeping my kidneys, it has become my mission to find family/kid friendly activities to do that are either free or cheap. I post my findings on Bay Area Moms, so follow along if you are itching to mix up your mom routine...

AND If you can tell me about something new that I haven’t discovered yet, . Let the discovering game begin.

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Morgan Adams

Hi! I’m Morgan, a San Diego transplant soaking up the Bay Area with my husband of 6 years. We met on a dance floor and keep it groovy raising our two boys.

True story, both my husband and I were voted “best laugh” at our high schools, in different states. We were made for each other. I guess in general you can laugh or you can cry...I choose to laugh!

I studied health + nutrition @ BYU and earned a BS in Dietetics in 2013. My interest in health deeply stems from my rare genetic form of diabetes, MODY III. I was diagnosed when I was 14. Health is a proactive decision I make daily. I find joy in eating clean and getting exercise. I have loved playing soccer my whole life!

Being a mother is my greatest passion. Raising my boys in the Bay Area is such a gift. I truly love exploring and connecting with my children. Whether we’re hiking, eating, painting, or swimming, I treasure the chance to nurture and love them. Bay Area moms unite!

Welcome, and thanks for your love! xo